Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Jupiter

What is the top performed cosmetic surgery in the world? If your answer is breast augmentation, you are almost right. You guessed it. The Asian double eyelid surgery is one of the most-requested procedures in the world.

Not all Asian needs this. Most Vietnamese and Laos and Thailand do not need this surgery, unless they have a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Korean blood in them. I must say Korean probably has the most requested in this area.

Korean women eyelid is often one lid, and it is slanted. Similarly for the Chinese women. Vietnamese women have a lot of French blood in them usually have double eyelids since birth.

Most of the oriental women like to have higher bridges for their noses like the westerners. I have a somewhat ok bridge as I have a lot of French influences in me. So in general I do not need cosmetic surgery just yet.

I don’t know about beauty but being Asian and looking like Asian is the best in the world. I also admit that some of these cosmetic surgeries are just amazing, and it actually changes the person’s profile. So much so that their offsprings do not look anything like Mom and Dad. Well without surgeries that are.

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