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bougainvillea-217294_1280What Is Botox – What Are The Different Kinds Of Botox Treatments?

Mostly, Botox is used to smooth out facial wrinkles.  Botox is a trade name for Botulinum toxin, which is used in many cosmetic and medical treatments.  Our facial wrinkles are mostly form when we have extensive smiles, frown or other facial expressions.  Over time these facial expressions from deep lines most notably on our forehead, around our laugh lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.  Sometimes Botox is used in treating excessive underarm sweating and in some cases Botox is also used in treating hemorrhoids.

The way Botox works are the toxin relaxes the deep muscles thus giving the patient the illusion of smooth skin.

Finding the right doctor is very critical to achieve the final flawless look.

Injecting Botox at the right places can cause a change between looking beautiful and uplifting to looking droopy and sad. The drooping condition which is called eyelid ptosis is caused by several things a patient may inadvertently do as well as incompetent medical director or physician.

Several things one should never do are: rubbing the treated area within 24 hours of having Botox treatment or doing facial massage, taking aspirin (known also as blood thinner), fish oil or excess vitamin E within a week prior to having Botox and within 24 hours after having a Botox.  The competent doctor or medical director in command should be very conservative in injecting Botox in the lower mid to lateral brow area to minimize the risk of having eyelid ptosis.

The competent doctor also needs to study the patient’s face with distinctive facial expressions to identify spots where different creases are coming from.  They should mark the patient’s faces for those areas and inject Botox into the underlying muscles to paralyze them.

The effect of the injections can last between 4 to six months, while in some people, it can last about eight months.  However, this is rather an exception rather than the norm.  You can realistically expect Botox to last up to six months.

Botox has definitely become a preferred cosmetic procedure over a full or half face lift.  Botox is relatively inexpensive, minor discomfort if any, and it requires no healing time and almost no associated complications.

If you don’t like going under the knife, and you want to look great with relative pain free and quick Botox is probably something you should look into.  The only down side to Botox is you have to keep going back as the muscle’s crease will come back once Botox achieved its objective.  There are other non invasive treatments that can last longer are Sculptra or Ultherapy.  You want to consult your medical spa’s personnel for them.

Botox can take few years off your face, and you can do it during lunch hour.

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