Medical Spa or Day Spa?

mandarin-347964_1280Is a Medical Spa Better for Skin Care Services Than a Day Spa?

One thing for sure medical spa offers services, which involve injectable and/or other high end skin care procedures while a day spa offers massage, pedicure, manicure and low end facial services.  Medical spa must have medical director or physician on staff while a day spa only needs to have qualified personnel and not necessarily medical personnel.  Next step up is a plastic surgeons or surgeon’s offices.  Some plastic surgeons do offer services that medical spa offers such as injectable fillers and other type of fillers.  It’s totally depended upon which procedure you want to achieve.  If there is an invasive procedure of course you have to go to plastic surgeons otherwise you can choose the medical spa nearest you.

Day spa typically exists to help you feel good about yourself. Things they do at the day spa more or less making you feel relaxed.  There is not “procedure” perform in any of the day spas.

Since a clinical med spa consists of medical professionals on staff, they can supply solutions like dermabrasion, chemical peels, injectable fillers, cellulite treatment, other body contouring procedures,  as well as any other skin care solutions that non-medical staff cannot legally give. The suggestion is to utilize clinically sound, science-based treatments to boost the quality of your skin while you take pleasure in the benefits from the day spa experience.

However, a medical health spa is not a hospital. While a med spa could offer you with a range of shown, noninvasive medical treatments, they do have limits. If you need intrusive procedures like plastic surgery, the health club will normally refer you to a professional who can manage this kind of job.

Which Day Spa Do You Required?

Now that you understand the distinctions between a day spa and a medical health spa, you are well-equipped to decide which kind of med spa you need. If you are looking forward to making long lasting improvements in the look as well as health and wellness of your skin, you will desire to go for the medical med spa.  You can feel free to browse around this website and select the right day spa or medical spa and/or plastic surgeons to fit your needs in and around Jupiter Florida.