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Great guys…great show…watch them because their intelligent and funny…and I wish I could be as successful as they are. Unfortunately, your readers actually would appreciate stories with some truth in them otherwise, it is a waste their time.

I have a Babe Ruth baseball card worth 3K but will someone pay that for it???? Things have been going well, and pretty much according to what Dr Ejemen said would happen.

I care not what you think. Patti smith nude. The couple also has a home in Le Claire. Way too much up-in-your-face gayness on almost every network. American pickers danielle colby nude. I knew these guy were gay all along. Who cares what they do or are in their personal life. Some folks may shoot them with buckshot, on the other hand, some may shoot them with fuckshot. Just started watching the show. Gorgeous nude videos. Who cares if they are gay or straight. Many of the above comments prove this fact. Both have long-term girlfriends. I think they pay too much for that junk.

I know were she leaves i should go there with a ribbon tie it to my cock knock on her door flash it tell her its a gift then fuck her till the sun goes down she gives me a wicked hard on. Youre dementedwere not gay i cant beleive what im seeing here im calling my lawyer sincerely mike wolfe. Dont you people have other channel to watch?

Fact that Mike has kids does not make him immune to being a fag. Neither are interested in Danielle, they had to be gay. So try to be more positive and not such a hater. Like if anyone thought they were straight? The comments deeply sadden me and leave a bad taste in my mouth ,not dis-similiar to the bad taste mike leaves in frankies mouth.

America my home country, where I was fukin born and raised is so full of ignorant fucking idiots that love to judge and talk shit on uncool people. Man shall not lay with Man! However, Danielle needs to lose about 40 pounds. Love you guys, well not in a homosexual way lol. Sexy young girl big tits. Danni does have a juicy fat ass and I am sure she can take it like Franky,and of course she loves it, you can tell shes a dirty girl and likes to get down, them two queers are certainly not going to hit it, they like man hole, not her butt hole or her old school hairy bush I read an article and she said she is au natural I always said bring back the Bush and I dont mean George!

Then they jip the person with some low offer. Mike has a kid and girlfriend of 17 years, and frank is constantly talking about his woman problems. I too am proud. I watch them all of the time, new and old as often as I can get them.

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Just be who you are without waving a flag. I was confused because I did not see a stool in the van. Milf with legs. Danielle is a freak of nature. Why do yo think Mike has a bad back? As far as everyone else…. Why is it that every fags fallback defense is to say anyone who hates them is a closeted fag or something along those lines?

I did like this site too. Africa is the nigger shitpile of the world. Will pay buck if someone can identify the exact location of 12 picks in the east coast or other offer. American pickers danielle colby nude. I was given a rape drug and disappeared in one of there rooms for over 10 hours. You are doing the exact opposite of what Christanity supposedly teaches and represents. Free tits boobs. So this is BS. Best of both worlds! But the Internet is open to everybody to do whatever they want, form fake articles for people to read, so it may be fake.

He makes me call him the bundle master. Galala who help people with the relationship and marriage problem by the powers of love spells, at first I doubted if such thing ever exists but decided to give it a try, when I contact him, he helped me cast a spell and within 3 days my wife came back to me and started apologizing, now she has stoped going out with men and she his with me for good and forever. What kind of christian does that make you — casting the first stone, eh?

Both Mike and Frank have girl friends. To me Love is Love, Happiness is just that…. Talk about being a closed mind dickhead! As an authorized neighborhood Mom, she managed to hit all of us at least once. I fail to understand why someone would lie about others.

I care not what you think. Lesbian sex potn. And daniel wow your hot my wife loves u too nice chest piece …love u guys gay or not. How can you be gay and not feel disgust with yourself?

Now I know what Mike really meant when he asked Frank if he could move his stool back. I am Nikes girlfriend and just letting you know I am only around to keep the gay issues off them. They have dated for 18 years and celebrated the birth of their first child, a girl, in January. They are great guys and this will knot affect me watching their show.

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They arent throwing stones at you.

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