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It doesn't matter that he's a hot ex-underwear model or not, more power to him for doing what he wants and taking a risk - but I don't care for the song at all.

All summer long, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has been working to reach new audiences. I can't believe no one has shared his numerous alleged hard cock pics. Francesca cipriani naked. Kellee maize nude. How many of you have bought the single? Just buy a one-way bus ticket to SF, problem solved. OP is just making this even more obvious.

I don't think that Steve looks like he has had any work done on his face at all, and while he and Donovan from SC look somewhat vaguely similar, they are not the same guy.

If anyone was aware of porn in his past, they would have spilled the beans by now. Cuz he ain't gettin' any money from us. The video for his single "All American Boy" follows a gay young man who falls for another guy, only to have it end in unrequited gay-straight attraction.

Successful or wannabee gay artists seems to bring out all the sharp claws not the support. Andy Cohen also buys into the marketing push because he referred to Grand as a country star. The entertainment begins off-site on Tue. Like it or not, it does play into the stereotype of "gay man who puts the make on a hot straight guy". Tamil celebrities nude photos. Hot, openly gay country singer and all you queens can do is shoot him down. That is a joke. I wanted to say, you fucking idiot, why did you even go back there? Too bad it's a fake Latest in Featured Events Short List: Video of him performing live last night.

Afterward, the music continues with live jazz in the garden. But thanks for the pic, if not your commentary. I wonder how much of that's real? But when he took up modeling, the little bio he had described himself as a singer, songwriter. While this song is crossover "country," his music is usually more eclectic, and generally pop-ish. So He posed for some nearly nude photos and didn't want to show his dick--I've seen many, many male celebrities do the same thing.

I bought his song on whatever site it comes from, and play it on iTunes. And, of course, shows like GMA gobble it right up without even attempting to vette the guy. Must see if his music is available here in UK or online. Carrie stevens nude videos. It's nice to know artists can go around the record companies and get their music out. I don't think those people are "expecting more. Your obsession with worshiping some ideal of masculinity and fear and hatred of feminine as nasty shows that you harbor serious emotional issues.

I like Steve, and the music video was cute.

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Photos from his modeling days are all over Tumblr and we know if there was some dick smoking out there, they'd fire it up. Give it a try! Are you just a hateful cunt, or do you just hate gay people. Meg redclouds milf. For now, Grand appears happy just being the moment, immersed in all those postings.

Not with this shitty song. He's definitely hot, has probably worked hard to get where he is, but let's hope his main goal isn't acting. Kellee maize nude. I like the music and he's hot as hell.

All summer long, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has been working to reach new audiences. I'm sure he's trying to get the attention of some label. It's also cute how his mom is all over his facebook page liking all the comments. If he were truly trying to break into being a serious country singer, he would have gone about it a much better, tactful way.

When nobody will pay any attention to you? Steve writes of his decision to make the video: In fact not sure why R is imagining him getting a boatload of work done. Naked girls group sex. Anyone else have tears in their eyes when after they got back to the party, his friend pulled him in closer like, "it's cool, we're still pals"? Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. R Since you didn't post a link I'll do it for you. If the singer were not a former underwear model, this thread would not exist, r Expect refreshments, and live music from Sean Barill on the banjo.

Good luck to him. Frankly, I prefer Streisand. I bought his song on whatever site it comes from, and play it on iTunes. I wanted to like it.

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That's not what I said, or meant, and you know that. Cunts get things done: What does it matter, R36? Good for him for what he's trying to do.

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