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In March she was the Playmate of the Month in the German edition of Playboy and simultaneously appeared on the covers of the U. FeeTinesAMady on Dec 8, Wearing a feather boa ;- You probably wouldn't complain, but you might not feel more welcome, either. Www naked womans. Lena soderberg nude. Ilona in jeans shorts.

If you want to judge something, don't do so anachronistically.

Lena soderberg nude

Previous Article March 10, While all this was happening, Lena Soderberg was blissfully unaware of the fame these researchers had shot her into. The happenstance provenance of the image is really the only controversial detail, and if we go back to the history of why it was used it was mere chance: As for contributions, just because I have not written content on this particular subsite, if you look at my network profile you will see that my contributions to Stack Exchange in general are far greater than yours.

It's fun for us hetero males, but like it or not, this sends a message to young women that they aren't welcome in this field. She was chosen by Playboy magazine to be its Playmate of the Month for May Your email address will not be published.

Should we discourage the use of Lenna? The Lena image contains a nice mixture of detail, flat regions, shading, and texture that do a good job of testing various image processing algorithms. I dunno, it's kinda hard to tell with this one: It does not "beg" any questions. But none of those other images have been used as widely for as long to provide the same utility for comparison.

I don't see it as a matter of offensiveness so much as a matter of reinforcing the atmosphere of gender bias that discourages women from participating in computer science. Many people including myself do not believe there is a pressing reason to not keep using the exact same image. Meenal jain nude bike ride. They wanted something glossy to ensure good output dynamic range, and they wanted a human face. It contains a face humans can detect small errors in images of faces much more easily than e.

Men can be beautiful too, especially to a woman's eye which you've never seen through. Do you feel pushed away from this industry? That approach actually balances the concerns of both sides and generally enriches the field more common reference images can only serve to aid in objective and subjective comparison.

It is a good test image! Try a different strategy: All this is incredibly unimportant. If it wasn't posted here on HN, it wouldn't have seen it. This is a painting whose context is "fine art" i. How can we determine if the predominance is wrong, or just natural? Too on Dec 6, DanBC on Dec 5, Why don't you find a set of great test images under suitable licence then run those through the wide variety of image formats at different settings, and host it all on a website?

The Lena picture here wasn't particularly scientifically useful, it was presumably just used out of a sense of tradition.

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Irina K taking a shower. Sexy nude animation. As if contribution level matters in this conversation to any degree whatsoever anyway? Whenever the computer is lagging or some application is taking too long to respond, we usually fire up task manager and look under the Perfo Lenna Soderberg has actually become somewhat of a celebrity in the image processing world as a result of all of this.

ByLenna was literally everywhere in the image processing world. Sharon Johansen born October 11, [4] is a Norwegian-American model and actress. Lena soderberg nude. Hannah in knee high heels. Perhaps my perspective is distorted but I don't see the cropped image as sexual in nature; I simply cannot imagine that we would be having this discussion if this were the chosen test image for example.

Having a human face as a test picture makes perfect sense and this one has been used forever so it's a good benchmark that people can compare and relate to. If you are familiar with digital image processing, you must surely have.

There is similar nudity in many pieces of classical artwork that ostensibly have broad appeal. Your comparison is absurd. What journal has embraced the Lenna craze the most?

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Louis, Missouri is an American model. Carol connors naked. While all this was happening, Lena Soderberg was blissfully unaware of the fame these researchers had shot her into. To me, the appeal of using this pictures is sheer seventies nostalgia She was quite pleasantly amused, and since that time has actually been invited to a number of international image processing conferences.

I understood the complaint to be not about male vs. Nude in public vol. The woman in the image is Lena Soderberg, a Swedish model, who originally appeared on the November issue of the Playboy magazine. I think people that pretend to be offended by things like this, unwittingly infantilizing the people that they are trying to support, do far more to discourage minorities from tech than pictures of women's faces.

I was just reading another article on here about fractal image compression and stumbled across this: Of course I'm going to attack that.

Katarina Dubrova in knee high heels. Mozilla didn't use it. Now if we only got Mr. This site is part of Stack Exchange!!

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