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Jolene Blalock Getty Images. He had the unenviable task of helming both a role Benjamin Sisko and a show Star Trek: On an equal level, it's hard for the viewer to care about Vorik. Nude photos of kate upton leaked. For sure, Paris was tender with Torres in the first season episode "Faces" reviewed here!

Enterprisebut it seemed like Jolene Blalock just couldn't win. Roxann dawson nude. Nonetheless, after Star Trek: Rather, she's focused much of her post- Trek time on teaching. While Dorn's post- Trek career hasn't been quite as high-profile, it's included a bit of everything. Michael Dorn Getty Images. At the beginning of the fourth season, though, Torres is rather unceremoniously dumped from that position.

Whenever a storyline came up that involved a female character on Voyager having a real sexual desire - like "Remember" reviewed here - Torres was the character focused on.

Avery Brooks has performed at music festivals, and released an album in Star Trek started as a humble five-year mission, but the franchise soon went into warp speed. Dominic Keating had a background in theater as well as a robust series of guest-starring roles, but he came to international prominence when he starred in Star Trek: He played the character for nearly a hundred episodes, but Enterprise had a wobbly history of ratings woes in spite of solid reviews, and the show was canceled in Perhaps most interestingly, he became involved with Dragoncona major genre convention held in Atlanta each year.

Read my review of the entire season here! She also seemingly developed quite a passion for voice acting—she's lent her unique voice to everything from Gargoyles to Young Justice to Adventure Timeas well as playing Matriarch Benezia in Mass Effect. Spunk on huge tits. First, what works well is that "Blood Fever" sets off a series of serialized character arcs that actually endure through the end of the series.

The truth is, I feel a great deal of pity for the series, the franchise and most of the people involved in it. But it is worth at least a viewing for fans as it does set up important character developments between Torres and Paris. He gained tenure and was promoted to full-time Professor over the years, and though Deep Space Nine disrupted his academic career, he's returned to teaching since, while continuing to pursue parts in theatrical productions.

Voyager and found her second calling. Pon farr, one of those geek culture common knowledge things that virtually anyone outside the science fiction-loving community would not know about, was always a concept that viewers of Star Trek: Jonathan Frakes Getty Images.

Deep Space Nineso many of the people who worked on Star Trek: Voyagerit sometimes might seem to some that I am overly harsh with the series.

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Voyager assumed would come up over the course of the projected seven season story.

Enterprise as Malcolm Reed. Janet lupo nude photos. Voyagerit sometimes might seem to some that I am overly harsh with the series. Lien starred as a voice actor in things like Superman: McNeill's directing career is long and varied, and includes episodes of Dawson's Creek, Supernatural, The Mentalistand Chuck for which he also served as a producer and executive producer.

She was the inheritor of the archetypal "Seven of Nine"-type character, playing a cold and logical Vulcan that also happened to be smoking hot. And while the Prime Directive forbids him from peering at his own future, chances are he'll continue to find work in the vocal booth.

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He is a character who is impossible to become emotionally attached to. To the casual TV viewer, though, it seemed like Dawson's real struggle when Voyager ended was finding work. Dominic Keating Getty Images. Gates McFadden Getty Images.

Voyager as the series' legitimate sex symbol. This is a fair start to that arc. Marina Sirtis Getty Images. Katy perry tits exposed. He's voiced characters in everything from Dragon Age to Destinyand such roles have absolutely dominated his time for the better part of the last decade.

I blame actor Alexander Enberg, son of executive producer Jeri Taylor. Roxann dawson nude. Perhaps most entertainingly for Star Trek fans, the musical Benjamin Sisko ended up being musically gifted in real life: She was arrested yet again for misdemeanor exposure. Not only did he star in every episode of Star Trek: May not be reprinted without permission. Voyager and found her second calling. So when Ensign Vorik popped up on the show as a background character beginning in "Fair Trade" reviewed here!

Channeling her aggression, Dawson is able to recreate Torres with a real sense of sexual gravitas. Gates McFadden played the inimitable Dr. Tom Paris, a Starfleet officer with a past who's taken out of prison to fly the Voyager on what is meant to be a quick mission but turns into a seven-year journey at the edges of the galaxy. Big girls ass naked. Torres expresses no interest in Vorik and he assaults her with a Vulcan mind link.

The way Torres resolves the situation works as well and is satisfying to many of the viewers.

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