girl-684256_1280Thermage is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure which uses radio frequency to smooth fine’s lines and wrinkles and tighten as well as lift the skin from the face and body. Thermage can be used on the face and for the body. During the Thermage procedure radio frequency, energy penetrates very deep into the patient’s skin to heat the underlying epidermis. This action generates immediate tightening of the skin, and the heat stimulates of new collagen, which promotes more tightening and lifting of the skin over time.

Thermage takes around 30 minutes to one hour. The degree of discomfort is high but not as much as cosmetic surgery. It’s best to take some type of pain medication to help during the procedure.

Thermage will tighten the contour of your face provides you do not smoke and/or do not have too much of wrinkles or too much fat on your face. It may take more than one procedure to see a great results.

After each Thermage treatment, you may see some slight redness and small amount of swelling that will go away within a day, or two, however, you should be able to resume your daily activities as normal.

It’s recommended you do follow up procedure 1 or two years to achieve further awesome results.

Many women opt for this procedure instead of cosmetic surgery. For the minor discomfort, you can enjoy a tightening of your face for up to one year. Results can be slow coming but very sure it is coming.